The Produce Mom

Meet the Produce Mom!  Who also happens to be my cousin, Lori Taylor.  Lori recently started a blog called the Produce Mom ( and you have to check it out!  It all started when she was promoted to a marketing position at Indianapolis Fruit Company.  She wanted to bring something fresh to the table and she did just that.  The blog is filled with delicious recipes, funny stories and easy tips to eating healthy and getting your kids to eat healthy too.

Below is a shoot we did at Indianapolis Fruit Company for the blog.  These are my favorites!  I especially like the hair net picture:)  Visiting Indianapolis Fruit always amazes me, it is a huge, spotless, busy, high tech, family owned operation.  If you ever wonder where the fruit on your table comes from, chances are it went through Indianapolis Fruit first!

And don’t forget to ‘like’ her on Facebook, she offers lots of fun little contests where you can win lots of cool stuff!

I know there are big things to come, we may be looking at a national celebrity soon:)  So proud of my cousin, great job Lori!


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