Light it up!

Since I don’t have my own studio (YET!!, its going to happen soon) I go to people’s homes and I have to make do with whatever light they have.  Sometimes I get lucky, other times I have to make it work using diffusers and reflectors.  These are things that I learned at Purdue.  I spent almost a full year of leaning how light works, how it affects your white balance, your shadows, learned about histograms and so on.  I also spent a lot of time experimenting with studio lights, but since they are hard to lug around, for now I am only natural light.  Once I get my studio up and running I imagine I will use both natural and studio lighting.  Here is a one example of how to get some nice light.  It was agloomy day during this shoot so the light was actually pretty soft but when baby was close to the door it was still causing unwanted shadows.  So the diffuser took care of that for me.  There are so many tricks to lighting.  A good photographer should know what to do with any lighting situation.  It is not something that having a fancy camera will fix, its something that must learned and experimented with.


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